You know you’re broke when you hear Virtual Reality and you think “oh shoot! I can’t afford that!”

Hello Ma! Warrizzit again?

Virtual Reality - Xcape Reality Review

So, everybody knows that there’s one nice looking, photogenic park in this Port Harcourt abi? If you have never been there, please go.

Before I visited the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park, I didn’t think much of it except beautiful gardening and family hangout. The part I didn’t understand was having to pay to be in the park (This gist is for another day).

I finally visited when I heard about the Paintball facility opening – that definitely got attention.Honestly, I never noticed much in the park except the very obvious water in the middle.

One day, I got to the paintball arena and saw this place covered in gorgeous graffiti. At that point, I only thought of how expensive such a place could be. When I asked what happened there, they said Virtual Reality. I ran!

Virtual Reality - Xcape Reality Review

Who are these Virtual Reality Guys?

They are Xcape Reality (check out my awesome title – I bad gaan). So these guys started off with 5D Cinemas in different states (I need to try that too btw) and they decided to grace us with Virtual Reality. They’ve been in the game for 7 years – long enough to educate and entertain us with this amazing technology.

Pleasure Park, Aba Road

(Just before Bori Camp)

Port Harcourt

The graffiti you’ll see on the outside keeps you interested until you open the doors and then you’re in the future. It’s like one of those movies where they say we’re in 2022 and suddenly people are wearing weird clothes and being awkward in lab cubicles.

No worries, it doesn’t look like a lab inside. I just thought it’ll be cool to describe it like that but you sha get the point.

I no go lie the cold pushed me back. I’m from the tropical zones please, we don’t mess with such. It had to be cold tho – they have computers and what not in there. Before you think “damn this babe is smart”, I asked if they could reduce the ACs and they explained.

Wetin Carry You There?

Review na! And first experience. All join for chopping life.

Oya How was It?

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Every bit of it was fun. It was fun, scary, thrilling and more. It’s one of those experiences you have to talk about just so the person can try for themselves – I had too much fun. I played a few games and even enjoyed the 9D Movie.

The first time I heard about Virtual Reality was with Play Station I think. Apart from that, it just never crossed my mind as something that concerned me and I didn’t want to look like this…

Virtual Reality - Xcape Reality Review

9D Movie

Virtual Reality - Xcape Reality Review - 9D Cinema

I watched something scary. I was forced to watch that. It was really thrilling to see the images so close and real.

Don’t worry, there are less scary ones and even movies for kids. We are all welcome at Xcape Reality

Price – #1,000 per movie. Mine lasted for 7 minutes. Some last for up to 15 minutes

VR Racing

Virtual Reality - Xcape Reality Review - VR Racing

This one was an eye opener for me. I suck at racing (Don’t even try me). I just kept hitting everything and making noise. The game was fun. I specifically asked not to race with anyone because I know myself (quite hopeless).

The best part for me was having to bend like I was in an actual sports car.

Price: #1,500 for 30 minutes and #2,500 for an Hour

HTC Vive

Virtual Reality - Xcape Reality Review - HTC Vive

Saved my favourite for last. I played two games on this one – the Beat Saber and Bullet Sorrow games. Simply AMAZING.

So the beat saber is just a music game where you’ll use light rods to hit notes and on the other game, I was shooting bunch of armed guys. After this training, I’m ready for war. No just try me!

Who even invented this stuff. The person do well!

Price: #1,500 for 30 minutes and #2,500 for an Hour

I liked…

  • The affordable prices
  • The realness of the games
  • Customer service is awesome. Friendly and helpful staff

I did not like…

  • The cold!
  • The goggles for VR Racing were not well fitted.

Have you been to Xcape Reality?
What was your Experience like?
Will you be visiting after reading this post?

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