Hey you! What’s up? Can you believe it? My last post here was in April and this is JULY! Wondering why I’ve been away? Well… Me too! I truly need to know the answer to the question – Why did I disappear?

If you know me, you know how much I love YRN. It’s where it all comes together for me. This is where I get to express myself so freely, it scares me sometimes. YRN is home to me.

This morning, I woke up feeling guilty for ignoring my readers and ignoring my home. So, I’m back to clear off the cobwebs and do this because I love it. You see, I love this blog. Sometimes, I feel like it takes up too much space in my life – until I started to place everything else above it and it started to actually hurt.

I’ll give you a little update on what has been happening and then I’ll tell you why I disappeared.


Here’s a little update on what I’ve been up to lately.


Time flies by so fast! Just last year, I was 16 and so excited about what life had to offer. I love celebrating my birthdays tho. They remind me of the many – very many blessings in my life. Turning a year older makes me love my life even more.

I remember when I used to be so ashamed of telling people how old I was. I would lie sometimes. No! It’s not because women don’t tell their age. It is really because I was scared people will be quick to judge me for the small girl that I was without truly getting to see the eager and mature mind behind it. It’s almost like it was easier for them to push me aside because I wasn’t old enough.

Here I am, living my 24th and knowing that it has been totally worth every single bit of the journey. I am utterly grateful for life and health (even with the scares). I’m grateful for God’s love in my life and I’m grateful for the people he put it in my life (and take out of it). I even had a birthday parry to celebrate and all. I’m super grateful!

Why did I disappear


After much consideration, I finally heeded to all the temptations and moved to Lagos. I was tired of feeling useless in PH. Not that PH doesn’t have prospects but I just felt like none of my efforts were making sense.

At first, I was overwhelmed with so much. Life kicked off pretty quickly and everything started happening so quickly. I got scared. I got frustrated and just wanted to go back home where it was more comfortable. Well… I’m still here and I am enjoying every bit of the journey so far.


See ehn! this Lagos brought me a lot of happiness. I feel like I walked into a new experience. On reaching this city, I was bent on getting a job and becoming “independent”. Initially, I gave myself about 2 weeks to settle in but who was I kidding? At some point, I was sure of how much salary I wanted and I wasn’t letting go of that (call me stubborn all you want) I just knew that I couldn’t afford to earn less than a certain amount if I wanted to be able to afford the standard of living here. So I got a job as a content producer and then I left because somebody’s boss was toxic. I moved to another job where I’m constantly learning and I love how challenging it is. I’m learning so much!


Hmmm.. this came as a shock to me. I never ezperred it. My lover and best friend went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. What a wawwu! I said yes!

why did I disappear  - engaged


I lost track of so much. My life was happening so fast and all I did was panic and just panic some more. I procrastinated a lot when it came to creating content for this blog and got frustrated when things didn’t work and just went ahead to scrap everything off. My very new youtube channel suffered a lot of this more than this website. I was overthinking the content I wanted to put out and sometimes, I still do. Now, I just pulled up my laptop and decided to write something here.

I planned less and instead of attacking the real problem, which was a lack of proper structure, I just switched the whole thing off. BAD MOVE!

TBH I don’t even know! I really don’t but I know that leaving this for too long didn’t help at all.

If you’re reading and can take something out of this post, here it is

Do what you love everyday! Do it for yourself just because it makes you happy to do it.



  1. Truly,the life we want & desire is really at the other side of our actions. If you don’t move,life won’t improve.

    I’m super proud of you baby girl! Lagos looks so gooddddd on you!! Congrats on your new job & engagement!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! Glad to see you back and love reading all your writings. Yes to rid excuses and take Action. Glad that a change of environment has brought numerous blessings. Congratulations!!! And know that there are more to come.