What is Minimalism?

According to the dictionary…

Minimalism is a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.

History will carry its own gist and then there’s POPULAR BELIEF which I ate completely until sense took over me. So when I heard “Minimalism” I wondered if it was a movement or a religious group’s belief. As I read more about it, I realized there were a lot of views and a lot of them were wrong and merely misconceptions.

What does it mean to me?

Minimalism to me is a way of life. Funny thing is I’ve always been a minimalist. I just never put a name to the life I already lived and wanted to continue.

When you start to see certain comments and misconceptions online, you get confused about these things. I couldn’t exactly put a finger on it but I knew that there was something about me that loved to declutter and live as simply as possible.


How else will I explain the constant need to clear out my space and wardrobe. The constant and unending need to brain dump and lay down all my thoughts until I map them out in simpler ways.

Oh! And there was the need to wear the simplest kinds of jewelry. I have a mother that loves to make bold statements with her fashion so this one was very hard for me but we stay winning so YAY!

Minimalist is not…

All about stuff

So at first, I thought Minimalism was all about packing up my bags and clothes and kitchen utensils. LOL Turns out it involves even my emotions and my relationships. It goes deeper than that.


You know how you feel like you’re walking into a new lifestyle with new and unattainable rules. I felt that way about Minimalism. It scared me to even admit that I was a minimalist because I just felt they were going to stress me with unnecessary must do’s and should do’s. I’m a natural rebel and curious cat so this one was definitely a bone of contention for me.

Black and White


If you know you’ve typed Minimalism on Pinterest and gotten to see a grid filled with only black and white pictures raise your hand. I definitely have.

As I saw that one ehn, my heart just weakened. I started to question myself “Who sent me message abeg” “Why am I putting myself in this tight corner”. Like why will I restrict myself to only black and white.

I love Black a lot! I love white too but I love other colours too. I’m a pastel or deep colour type of girl. So this misconception really shook tables for me.

So Why Minimalism?

It comes naturally to me. I want less things. I love bigger spaces with less clutter and not just clutter, less things.

I love to simplify my emotions. I do a lot of mind mapping. It’s a daily exercise for me. It releases me from a cluttered mind and there’s such a things as a cluttered mind.

Have you ever felt like you have too many friends? Yh that’s me. I’m not a fan of crowds. To me, the less people, the merrier. That’s just who I am and it was easier to finally find a group of other people that felt the same way.


I’m growing with minimalism and some things are getting adjusted and reviewed as time goes on but this is me so far – growing and learning.

Minimalism – A Table Shaking Choice

If you’re thinking of getting into minimalism, there are some things I want to assure you. It will get uncomfortable sometimes. My advice is that there’s no perfect way to do it so take it easy on yourself. Take your time and be patient with yourself


  1. It will shake your emotions. Do you know how complex it can be to figure out emotions and then to think you have to break them down.
  2. It will rock relationships. You will be forced to question friendships that may have stayed forever but mean almost nothing.
  3. Your lifestyle will be moved. Don’t be scared. It doesn’t have to be drastic but people will notice.
  4. Just know that you’re going to get a lot of questions. People are going to try to make you feel weird. Personally, I like weird so the jokes on them.
  5. Your Values will be shooketh. You will have to analyze yourself and be honest too. This is how you’ll know what truly matters to you and what doesn’t.

This is not a one size fits all kinda need. It is a very personal journey. Just remember that it is more about living intentionally than it is about any other thing.

So keep calm and stay happy