Episode 4 on resignation tips


Hi! Welcome back to your favourite podcast show “Take 10 with YRN”. You are listening to Annabel and this is #Episode 4: What happens after resignation?

This time I kept to my promise. Before we continue, you should check out my last podcast on going vegan in a Nigerian home. You’re going to love it. There’s also some really good content on the blog so check those out too. My current favourite is about friendships.

What happens After I Put Up My Resignation? Take 10 With YRN

After I resigned from my job, I didn’t expect the things I experienced. Here’s what you should prepare your mind to do
  1. What happens After I Put Up My Resignation?
  2. Going Vegan in a Nigerian Home
  3. Throwing Everything Away for Passion
  4. This Pandemic is giving me an Anxiety Attack
  5. Welcome to Take 10 with YRN
dear boss, I quit - resignation tips

After my NYSC, looking for a job wasn’t the easiest thing. About a year later, I finally got a job. The concern was not whether or not I liked the job, I was more concerned about the fact that I finally had someone to do. Even with some speculations, I got to get up in the morning and go to work.
Slowly, the idea started to grip me as unnecessary. I started to murmur at the sound of my alarm and a year after I’m asking myself “Why did I really take this job?”


  • Rest
  • Plan
  • Revamp your CV
  • Stay Productive
  • Apply Again

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Thank you for listening to me talk about my story and what to do after you resign from a job. Right now, I’m back to the workforce and I currently love my job. Let me know if you’d want me to talk more on career-related topics for your listening, watching or reading pleasures. Have you struggled with budgeting money monthly? Does it feel like you’re living from paycheck to paycheck? That’s what we’re talking about in the next episode. So don’t forget to tune back in next Thursday.

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