This Veggie Wrap has been on my mind ever since I visited the CornerStore. If you read the review I did on them, you’ll see that I promised to do a review on their veggie wrap.


14 Tombia Street, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt.

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat (7am – 10pm), Sun (9am – 10pm)

Phone: 0908 612 2222

What were you doing there?

My last visit to Cornerstone was very pleasant and I loved my experience. I remember writing their review with a huge smile on my face. No jokes tho. It was an exciting experience. They got to read the review and hosted me at their beautiful cafe for some appreciation (I guess. Because I don’t collect bribes). I was offered a free meal but I still chose to buy this veggie wrap not because manz have plenty money o but because manz made a commitment plus I just wanted to kill two birds with one stone.

Welcome o. Oya how was the ordering process

I cannot lie. It took a while (at least 20 minutes). See ehn y’all need to do something about this timing thing o. Some of us actually walk into restaurants and cafés – in fact eating places in general with empty stomachs and we can eat the pieces on your tables if care is not taken.I did not encounter this issue during my first visit to the CornerStore so I definitely was not expecting it. I tried to find different ways to distract myself but the hunger was yelling in my belly.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”fGMvC” via=”yes” ]There was a rumble in my tummy… (Complete it if you know) #YRN.[/ctt]

I think a better way to deal with it would be to inform the customer about the amount of time it will take. Tell me so I know if I want to wait or order for something else. I think that will get us prepared.

What did it look like?

Veggie wrap review from cornerstore
The way they packaged this veggie wrap ehn

I imagined my veggie wrap will be green. Like an actual vegetable wrap. In my vegan journey, I had come across something like that on the internet and the wrap was green.The thing is, vegetables wraps are just what they are, vegetable wrapped in whatever you choose. The point is to have the vegetables wrapped.The first thing I thought about when I saw the veggie wrap was “Why is it small?“. You would think after what I said about me expecting it to be green, that will be the first thing to cross my mind. It looked small to me. As the waiter served it, I could see the beautiful vegetables sticking out and screaming my name. Food brings me so much joy. At the end, I liked the way it looked. I loved the bright coloured ball peppers most.I am drawn to food by the way it looks more than anything else but if it gets to my nose and I hate it, I won’t bother digging in. It smelled like flour and ball peppers. If you’re someone who wants to smell a thousand things, you might be disappointed. It had a simple smell. Definitely my style.

What did the Veggie Wrap taste like?

Hmmmmm. I loved the freshness of the vegetables. It was a struggle getting my first bite because of the toughness of the wrap and when I tasted it, it had a subtle taste. Not too spicy, not too bland just subtle enough for me to enjoy. One thing that put me off after my first successful bite was the runny sauce it had. I don’t enjoy messy foods that try to embarrass me in public. I cannot be forming and food will come and disgrace me. So no, I did not appreciate the savagery I got from this veggie wrap. Don’t worry I finished the wrap. I put my formings aside and finished the damn thing. I’m not going to waste a good wrap because of runny sauce. From my initial review, you already know that I love the atmosphere at CornerStore so maybe that’s why I’m so in love with them. It’s so serene and peaceful in there.

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  • The presentation was beautiful. I thought the meal was for someone else when I saw it.
  • The vegetables were very crunchy and that made me excited. I like activity when I’m eating.


  • The sauce was runny
  • The vegetable wrap was smaller than i imagined it to be.

This is officially my first food review because I focused only on the food. My fellow foodies, feel free to let me know what you think about it (the review I mean)


Have you had a Veggie Wrap? What was it like?

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