I had this misconception that when I start to love myself, people will start seeing it on my skin, my makeup game will change. At the time, I just thought, I’d magically be a size 2 and then boom! I loved myself. Boy was I wrong. I used this method and I must say – this is the ultimate guide to loving yourself.



You need to be ready for some really hard truths. Ask yourself questions and answer genuinely. Not everything will make sense to you. You might realize how irrational your actions have actually been and how rude you’ve replied to some situations.

You might be surprised at how this step will make every other thing easier. If you cannot get through this, brethren e go hard o.

“Honesty” Task

  1. Sit down and analyze some things in your life.
  2. At every answer, ask “Is this True?”
  3. Ask someone (you must trust his/her judgement) to talk or answer a question or similar questions asked in 1


Explore who you are. What makes you tick, What makes you smile, what makes you angry, what makes you sad. Find out what gets you confused or depressed. What are you actually like? Do you know?

“Discovery” Task

  1. Go to 16personalities
  2. Take the C Jung and Briggs Myers Personality Test
  3. Sit tight. It’s a long one

Look Inward

My big misconception was that I had to show myself love by doing things on the outside. I soon realized that even underneath all that cute nail polish and manicured fingernails. Beneath under all that beautiful makeup and clothes, I could still hate myself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving yourself by splurging on yourself but you should know that work needs to be done on the inside.

“Look Inward” Task

  1. Write down 5 non physical things you love about yourself
  1. Write down 5 non physical flaws you have


Do not for one second think that we are all exactly the same. You have something special and unique about you. It might just be your ticket to loving yourself even deeper. Search for that unique trait. Your weirdness is good.

“Uniqueness” Task

  1. Ask yourself “What is that one thing that is different about me?”
  1. Now ask someone close to you.


Let it go. It’s over and in the past now. I know you could have done better. You should have seen it coming but you didn’t. Everything at this point is all that matters and loving you is what should be the focus here and now. Loving yourself requires forgiveness, so let go and forgive yourself.

“Forgiveness” Task

  1. Write an apology letter to yourself
  2. Reply that letter with a letter of forgiveness

This is all too dramatic right. I know.
Loving yourself is dramatic.
You are dramatic and that’s alright. Do whatever you have to do to stay healthy inside and outside.