Dear Reader,

Please know that I have not bothered to workout in years and therefore, I am what some might call “A Fat Kid”. Not like it matters because I love my foodie lifestyle but I’m willing to find my way to healthier living (fitness) AKA Fit Fam.

In my fitness journey, I have gone from not so fit to fit and out again and then back again… you get the point. I have realized how unfit my methods have been because dieting isn’t exactly part of this living healthy thing.

During the making of this post, I made up my mind to live healthier because something as simple as a game cannot disgrace me in public o. Best believe I am going to talk all about it when I start the journey officially but for now, let’s laugh at me a little bit.


Ok I did not plan to actually workout. I walked into Xcape Reality wanting to try the games out and I saw something else. What I don’t understand is that it’s just a game! and it still stressed me so much. I wanted it to stop and I just didn’t know how. So, to answer your question, I just wanted to see the fun stuff in Xcape Reality but the fun turn to painful thighs.


I started with Cycling game and then moved to Boxing and finally ended with Squats.

So the CYCLING wasn’t bad at all but my thighs were shaking before the end of my 3rd Lap. At first, I wasn’t even sure of what I was doing because I kept getting bad scores until I realized I had to cycle harder so I can move faster and beat the time. LOL! They planned to kill me ba? After a while, I was sure they set that game at pro just to make me run away.

I’ve always wondered what it was like to punch someone in the face. If that man on that game were real, he would have hated me forever. Omo I beat the hell out of this guy! My anger was mostly focused on the fact that he was so close to my face and kept punching me but yh! If you try me, I will beat the hell out of you.

I am mostly ashamed of the Squats segment. I do not have a picture because I was so hopeless. After the second one, I couldn’t stand again. Biko! Who keeps encouraging these people to create these ridiculous things? Why will someone even think of it?


Hell no! This Virtual Reality is fun and all but let’s not bring fitness into it because humans like me will lose interest and we don’t want that – do we? You guys that are crazy about fitness and all that jazz should definitely go to Xcape Reality and get a beautiful experience. I’ll be fine playing all their other games.