Inside your Head


According to a book I once read, “Time is an Illusion”.

Is that True?

Are we, humans, the only ones measuring time?

Does the universe agree with us?

You find that sometimes, people get comfortable in situations and when asked about their progress, they are quick to reply “There’s still time” or “The time will come”

Is that True or do these people possess the almighty virtue, PATIENCE?

Are they just being lazy?

I do agree that time is an illusion and man manufactured a way to calculate and measure it. I believe that patience is a virtue and I’m also guilty of the occasional “The time will come” responses but I must also add that, realistically, “TIME IS NOW”. That’s really all we’re guaranteed.

I used to believe in happy endings. I thought there was this perfect “Happily ever after” moment I had to wait for.

It took me time to understand that everyday is that Happy Ending. For all I know it could be my very last. It dawned on me the day I read one of Steve Jobs’ quotes.

“If you live each day as it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right”

This quote really got me thinking.

Am I living my days the way I want to?

Are they barely passing by?

The truth is that they were and honestly sometimes, they still feel like they do. I have learnt to be content and grateful for what I have now. I haven’t forgotten that I want more but if I can’t appreciate today, how will I appreciate tomorrow?

It’s not always easy but I always find the highs of my day.

The time is now!

Nobody is certain about tomorrow and yesterday is gone. All that’s left is NOW! Appreciate it. Live it. Love it. Laugh about it. Smile through it. Enjoy Life wile it still lasts.

Here are a few tips…

  •    Breathe…
  •    Stay away from toxic thoughts
  •    Do the things that make you happy when you’re feeling overwhelmed
  •    Be present. (I do this by asking what time it is and telling myself 3 things I am doing, feeling or seeing at that particular time.)
time stay happy