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Not too long ago, I was struggling with the idea of setting goals for 2019. The truth is that I did and still do not intend to stress myself on being perfect this year. 2019 is the year I accept myself just as I am. LOL I’ve been doing that since 2018 but I’m sha not doing otherwise this year.

Anyways, slowly, it all started to come to me. It was easier because of one thing! The whole goal setting process was made easier just by doing one thing! I still can’t believe it because if I had known this last year, I wouldn’t have bothered myself setting goals at the beginning of the year only to get tired 2 weeks later and throw everything away.

Find what works for you!

My decision to set my goals for 2019 was to get a better sense of how I wanted to spend my year and most importantly, who I wanted to be at the end of 2019 or in the course of it. That’s what I’m taking about goal setting should not be about the things you want to have. It should be centered on who you want to be. So I asked myself “WHO DO I WANT TO BE IN 2019”

The people in your life also contribute to what happens in your year. The people around me have been nothing but helpful and supportive in my process. They show nothing but love for the things I do and the way I am. I am truly blessed and that has taken me over half way through my year already. So before you go on, “WHO ARE THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU?”

2019 is not the year to hang around people that only shame and bring you down. This year, we are saying NO to toxic people. If you don’t feel confident and are anything less than yourself around a certain person or a group of people then it is time to tell them Goodbye. No worries… it’s not too late to check your company.

Don’t mind that this post is coming now. My 2018 goals were set in March abi April. There’s really no right or perfect time to set your goals for this year. I know there’s pressure to do that at the beginning of the year but from where I’m standing, every single day is a chance to begin again. So enjoy your life and don’t get stuck in the idea of starting on January 1st. If Now is a good time, join in if not make sure you take your time.

I personally choose to set my goals on paper. I love to write. Not just write creatively but actually put pen on paper. I write everyday. My hand must touch pen every single day so for me, the best way is to write them down. I connect to them even more.

I don’t know if anybody else feels like this but for me, I always want to see my goals constantly. Where I fix them or write them down is actually a serious bone of contention for me. Sometimes, it makes sense to put them down in my bathroom beside my mirror. Sometimes, it feels right sticking them on my wardrobe. Anyways I just want to be seeing my goals on a daily.

Funny thing is the most important part about goals is not even location. It’s achieving them so anyhow I fix it, it only matters that I actually go through with them.

How did I set my Goals for 2019?


What works for me are Spritual, Health, Romance, Finance, Career, Family/Friends and Leisure. However you choose to categorize, make sure it’s something you are comfortable with.setting goals 2019

Who do you want to be?

As I sat in church last sunday, the pastor dropped this bomb on us. “Who you want to be” should be the main focus. So in each of these categories, ask yourself you want to be.

Plan for 1 year

This part is not easy. Financially, I know the goal is to be a multi billionaire but how do I set a goal for 1 year? I mean does Dangote do this? Does Bill gates sit down and say how much he’ll earn in just one year? I guess I won’t know until I ask them myself. Sha Sha try and picture what you want your account to be like by December 31.

Plan for this Quarter

I won’t just leave it at one year. It scares me and makes it harder for me to even make the first step. It’s just easier to break it down.

Set Goals for this Month

You get where this is going already abi. Who do you want to be in 1 month what change do you want to see concerning that big 2019 spiritual goal

Set Weekly Goals

This is my favourite part. seeing how I can move one step closer to that big goal this week. I always do this part. Sometimes I even go much further to set daily goals. It just makes it easier for me.
setting goals for 2019

I don’t expect you to see this and pick up a pen immediately and set your goals for 2019 but I really hope you do.

Feel free to ask questions about setting goals in 2019 and tell me what’s your ultimate goal for 2019…

2 thoughts on “SETTING GOALS FOR 2019”

  1. Yea. I understand. Planning for the entire year can be worrisome and I always like the uncertainly of tomorrows. Not knowing how things would fit the next day differently from the currently. That’s why I know better than to set a target or year’s plan.

    But to have an overview of what you want to be at the end of the year like you said, is the start point. The main slide.

    God bless 2019