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Stop trying to fuss about how much weight you’re adding or losing. Just Stop It! It’s not good for your body image. You deserve love and only positivity. Even know it matters we add or lose some weight, I think a lot of us get too hard on ourselves and take it a little overboard.

There’s a whole lot about Body Image and it’s too much to talk about in just one blog post or podcast episode. So today, I just want to tell you to leave your body alone!

Let me tell you a little about my body. As an infant, I was a chubby child. I still can’t understand how sha because they say I was the normal baby weight when I came out. As I grew up, I became a skinny kid. I had a really small frame and I carried that into my early teens. At about 15, I started adding weight for no apparent reason and that bothered me a lot.

I was always the skinny kid and now the sudden weight gain was affecting my self esteem. I starved and because I lost weight as easily as I gained it, I grew frustrated with trying to stay skinny.

NYSC year came and it was a skinny one (I think) and now I’m back to chubby.

I have tried Veganism and intermittent fasting. I’m officially done trying everything else but loving myself.

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