Have you heard of Sky Bar in Port Harcourt?

So I have known about Sky Bar for 2 years now and I really wanted to see the view from time. When you hear a name like that, you’ll want to check it out.

The Sky Bar is located in the Genesis Cinema building. That building is quite interesting tho. I guess I’ll do something on that one of these days. It’s a one stop spot for quite a number of things. You may not be able do them all in one day so take your time and enjoy the things they offer one by one.

If you’re here just because you saw “Sky” then, take the elevator to the 3rd floor and enjoy the view.

When I walked in, the ambience was very night life-ish. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just how I perceived the place. Plus, the view is much better at night so you’ve just got to see it. (No shade but you know GRA folks have light. So yh! You’ll enjoy the view)

I’m not sure what their opening hours are like but I think they open their doors in the evening.

I don’t plan to make this post long. I don’t plan to make any review post long but you see, I talk too much so I’m sure I’ll type more than I plan to. Let’s see how it goes…

My Order at Sky Bar

I had small chops and wine. I could not take pictures because it was too dark but I was able to take pictures of the food.