Today marks one year since I lost my Dad. Grief has become something I can say has been too close for comfort and I just want to send him a letter because I miss him so much.

Dear Dad,

Hey! I know it’s been a long time: I stopped writing the moment I could find some air to breathe. I couldn’t bear writing to you without the usual response. I miss you. It’s been one year and I’m sitting here in the midst of all these people and I know I wish I had you back at home to ask me how my day was. To call and ask what fruit you should buy for me or what time I will be getting off work just to see if you could come and get me. I miss you so much.

I miss being your little princess. I miss being your baby. I miss waiting for you to eat and snatch mum’s share for me. I miss you my first love.

How’s everything? I really don’t know what to ask you. 1 year seems like it just happened yesterday. I can still play that night very well in my head. You should know that we all think of you a lot. We find a way to involve you in almost all our conversations.

Prayers aren’t the same without you. Nobody to ask if we could have choir practices for all the songs we raise.

I started my blog. I never actually spoke about it but I started it again. This time I have my domain. That’s the biggest achievement I’ve had since you left us.

Mum misses you so much. I know she’s trying to be strong for everybody but we all can see that she does.

Ok I should probably go back to this church service.

1 year without my first love has been filled with realizations.

I’ve realized how much I loved just sitting quietly with you in the living room.

I’ve realized how much I miss letting you fix everything for me. I was such a baby dad. You pampered me so much. I guess that’s what Kings are supposed to give their Princesses.

Our lovely castle and all the shiny things in between. It’s such a beautiful experience. I wish it went on forever.

Rest On Dad

Your Princess forever