no more excuses


I have used work as an excuse to not blog for months now. At first, it was cute but not anymore. – No More Excuses!

I cannot continue to treat my passion like it’s some one-nightstand. I realize that ever since I got a job, I have treated this blog like it didn’t matter anymore.

This long break caused me to ask myself why I will always run off leaving cobwebs on the blog and then come back again. I mean it’s happened several times this year. If you’d like to read about the things that happened while I was gone, check this post out.

To be honest, I have not disciplined myself. I lack discipline to show up every day and do what I need to do. The truth is Discipline is a vital part of our growth and we have to recognize when we have a discipline deficiency.

Discipline is what makes you wake up every morning to work out. It is what makes you choose to eat healthy foods even when you know that chocolate is your best friend and you would rather eat junk. Discipline is what makes you wake up to commune with your heavenly father every single day. It is what pushes you to complete the commitments you have made.

You see, I already knew the things I wanted but I was not disciplined enough to actually act on them. There are still so many habits that I know I need to adapt but because my discipline is minute, I am struggling to do them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying be hard on yourself but now exactly when you need discipline.

I’m not doing that anymore. I will show up every day and I will treat this like I should

How do you get out of that unending lazy spiral?

What do you do? What tips can you give?

Here’s a book that is recommended. I’d love to read it.