In this 2018, we shall not dull. This year, we will not miss out on the best parts of Port Harcourt. 2018 is the year of exploration (I be Dora The Explorer). I shall not miss out on bole festival.

Last year, I missed the bole festival. It was the first edition so I didn’t regret until I started hearing about the turn out and the fun at the event. Then, it started getting to me. I made sure I had the date for this one on lockdown and pushed to get my ticket early enough.

Guys, I was ready for this. I was ready to turn up. This definitely did not prepare me for the crowd I saw o. Yo! See ehn I couldn’t breathe for the first 10 seconds.

First fear was the lack of parking space.The crowd was scary, wallahi. My heart started beating real fast and I could feel the sweat roll down my spine. If you know me very well, you’ll know that I’m terrified of crowds. Na tight corner be that o.
Regardless, I was not going to let fear get in the way of my fun and I didn’t. Lucky for me, I went with people so I was a bit more relaxed.

The People at Bole Festival

The theme for this year’s bole festival was “The Reunion”. I saw some tweets that made me laugh

I met lots of my old school mates – especially secondary school folks. The hugs, the screams, the conversations. You know sey na format sometimes but make e no be like sey we be snub. I realized I had not seen some people since I graduated. It felt really good.

Beautiful people roaming up and down. People checking people out. Numbers and first Hellos flying around me. Girls scout and Boys Guide full there (I know I switched it). Everybody sha came out.

The Food

Professional Foodie in the house. My eyes were on every booth. Vendors flashing stuff in my face. The smell of bole and fish in the air. The ice cream, the cotton candy, the drinks. Everything was just in my face. Money was probably looking at me and having a good laugh. I wanted to get it all.

Towards evening, water finished. There was no water again and manz was thirsty! I thank God for God sha. Miracles happened and your baby girl was settled.

Shopping at Bole Festival

I didn’t really attend to shop. I was there for food but they had some cool afro and ankara fashion that caught my eye – accessories and more. These vendors are somehow. They were even adding cat-calling to marketing strategy.

The Entertainment

Oh this part was awesome. Guys! Sky B came! I don’t know how much more turnt it can be again o. Sky B! When I heard “Mabebe” I was like nahhh! This DJ’s just tripping and I looked and the stage and behold! Sky B!!!!
The music was good. The MCs were hyped! The dance and performing acts killed it! They even had gyration songs.

You can tell I had fun right? It was a beautiful experience. The whole of Port Harcourt emptied at Obi Wali Centre

They also had games and cool ones too