Up until now, the first day of March 2020, I have given myself a thousand reasons why I can’t just jump back into blogging. I have perfected the art of procrastination so much that, with each passing moment, it felt less like what it was – PROCRASTINATION

Are you procrastinating on anything?

So in this blog post, I will not be apologizing or making any more promises. I won’t be giving any more excuses why I did or did not do what I needed to do. Surely, I won’t be trying to drop any piece of advice because as you can see, there’s none to drop here.

I will tell you, tho, that I am happy in this moment to be happy writing again. I thought I had lost it to be honest. Just Incase you’re wondering, right now means that I am laying in bed with my phone in my hands slightly about my body and I am typing like I’m angrily texting.

I really had not planned to look at my blog but I asked “why not?”. There was really no answer to that so why not? I love writing, I have just looked for different excuses why I should not be doing any of that on a platform I created to do just that. Isn’t that funny?

For you reading this today, I have something to say.

A Letter to begin your March

Dear Amazing Human,

Happy New Month! I’m glad we made it to March. I can’t believe how 2020 is running tho. It feels like I was screaming Happy New Year to strangers just yesterday. I’m sure that your prayers will get answered this month. I hope that you find all that you need in abundance. I hope that this month, you trust your process.

Don’t stress it. I know that you are doing all you can to get to where you want and I trust you will get there. This March, you will do well. In fact, you are doing well… Oiinnn!

Continue being and growing you. There’s never too much good in the world to do. With this coronavirus thing spreading like wildfire, stay safe. Don’t lose your humanity yet. Stay kind.

You’re a true hero. Don’t worry about what the rest of the world says. I know you’re fighting your own battles every day and you just keep winning. Did you just second-guessed that last sentence? It’s ok to, but remember, you’re still reading. That means what was hurting yesterday didn’t kill you. You woke up this morning to fight again.

Be you! Live, love, laugh! Be full of life and good! Be full of God.

Yours truly


Love and Joy

from YRN

2 thoughts on “MARCH IS HERE”

  1. Refreshing to have you back. The letter was to me personally. Had some tears because I was feeling less than and quite hopeless. I hope everyone who reads it felt an internal ” self thumbs up and hi- five”. Thanks for this peace.