Up until last year, I didn’t think much about self-love. Not like I didn’t show myself small acts of love, I just didn’t consider it a big deal. The self-love journey for me has been eye-opening, to say the least. I have loved the experience and I am still on my journey. Learning and loving yourself teaches you so much and helps out in the worst moments.

For me, the trigger was my late dad. He would always ask me in the midst of my worst and most draining moments. He would say “Are you happy”. Ok maybe he wouldn’t use those exact words every single time but, trust me, everything he preached always leaned towards being happy. I realized that this man cared so much about what brought smiles to my face more than I did.

When I was getting really unhappy with my last job, he would always ask me “How was work?” and after the endless “Stressful and Annoying” replies, he sat me down one day and said. “If you’re not happy with it anymore, just resign”. I know what you’re thinking – “He’s your father and you’re living under his roof. He can afford to tell you to quit”.

Well, you’re not wrong. Let’s face it tho whose father won’t want his princess to live a chilled life. Anyways, those words rang in my head at the point I walked into my boss’ office to tell him I wanted to resign and it has guided me through interviews and job searches and failed and toxic relationships. It has guided me through life.

Am I Happy?

Every time you catch yourself getting lost in something, ask this question. It will work wonders. At the end of the day, we need to be happy about the life we chose to live. Loving yourself has a lot to do with your happiness.

Here are some tips on Loving Yourself…

1 – Be kind to yourself

2 – Be kinder towards others

3 – Be your own best-friend

4 – Discover your values. No… but really.. What are your Values?

5 – Take laugh breaks. Try watching a funny video

6  – Start a Journal

7 – Start a Gratitude Journal and be grateful for at least one thing everyday

8 – Forgive yourself. Seriously! You cannot come and go and die

9 – Unwind! Pamper yourself, take long baths, do your pedicure, get a massage! You deserve it all

10 – Look in the mirror and say “I LOVE YOU”. Don’t worry you won’t look too crazy. Just smile and say those three words to yourself every time you see your reflection.

I am not an expert at life. Quite frankly nobody is. Everybody is just on their journey so there’s no point beating yourself up because you “think” yours is not going right.

Enjoy the life that you have.

Stay Happy❤️