Inside your Head


Once upon a time in my life, I only saw the negatives. Now that I think about it, I was so negative and even when I wasn’t, I hardly believed Well, I have had my fair share of life lessons.

I am grateful for life!

Making it to a new and beautiful age and saying that I have learned some lessons, I am now someone who takes the Positive in everything. No matter how bad something is and no matter how long I have to go through it, I believe there’s some good lesson I am supposed to learn from it.

This mentality has helped me control the way I react to almost anything. I am more in control of my thoughts and emotions and even though I’m still learning, I am glad I have grown to the point that I want to share.

So here goes: the 23 life lessons you could learn from…


Drink Water

Growing up, I didn’t drink water until I had to. I wish someone had told me then that I was better off drinking water because every other drink just made me thirstier.

Sadly, I would end up with stomach aches, headaches, dry mouths and all sorts. So silly of me.

I’m glad I learned this tho. I can boast of better skin, easier bowel movements, and fewer worries!

Even if it means adding a fruit to give your water taste, don’t forget to drink water.

Lessons in life - drink water

Don’t Joke with Skincare

I used to have really bad skin! Apart from the fact that I started drinking more water, I got to understand my skin more.

Understand how your skin works and Develop a routine.

Try to keep it simple tho. Every now and then, your skin may act up but stay true to your journey and always be updated about your health and skin care.

I’ll make sure to talk about my regimen but you should look for what works for you.

Get a Pap Smear Test

Cervical Cancer is a real thing. In my quest for optimum health, I have researched on tests and medical checkups that every woman should be aware of.

Get a doctor. I think that should be the first step and then you can ask as many questions as you want to.

Don’t be afraid to say when something feels wrong. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Even if you’ll look crazy. Dance!

Here are a couple things that dancing can help with;

  1. Relieves stress
  2. Diminishes depression
  3. Helps your heart
  4. Increases energy
  5. Improves memory

So don’t mind the crazy. Put on your favourite songs and DANCE!

Go for Walks

Now! this has got to be one of the scariest of all the life lessons (at least for me it was).

Take longer walks. You can walk your dog or take a stroll with a friend or family member.

Make sure to catch a few thousand steps daily.


Family Always

At some point, I honestly felt they all hated me. I wanted to run away to a land where everybody understood.

You see those folks you have there, they’re the best! Sometimes they love and sometimes they fear but they want the best for you.

Grow a stronger bond with them. It’ll be fun soon enough. Just wait it out a little bit.

If that doesn’t work you can move out but give them a chance.

Get Involved

Get involved with others. Go out more often and meet new people!

There is power in networking

Volunteer to do something. Join a club or two (maybe even more).


With the way our lives are getting more occupied, we still need to stay in touch with those we know and care about.

It’s easier these days but a simple phone call or message can light up someone’s heart.


Anytime this topic was mentioned to me back in the day, I would frown so much at the thought of giving when I didn’t even have enough.

Like, do you really expect me to give a stranger something I can barely call mine?

Sounds crazy right?

You don’t always have to give your money or food. There are so many other ways you can give to people that need. Some people may need your old clothes.

You remember that bed sheet that you forgot about for like 3 years? Yeah! Someone might need that!

You can also give your time and advice. A simple hug might be all they need.

I have realized that the more I give, the more I want to give.

Evaluate the health of Relationships

This is hard! Very hard!

I’ve had to end relationships I never thought I could walk away from.

Am I happier? Yes!

You just have to admit that some people are not healthy in your life. Once you realize that, you’ll be able to figure out what to do next (maybe).

23 life lessons you could learn from

These life lessons are surely not the only ones on the surface of this earth. Share your comments with a small back story.

What life lessons have you learned this year?