is this gratitude thing really hard


A few years ago, I was deep into a complaining habit. I hated everything happening around me. I knew it could be better so why wasn’t it. The word GRATITUDE was far from me. There was a constant whining in my mind and in the deepest parts of my heart. Change was necessary and I couldn’t just stand and watch. My second name was Fixer. I wanted to fix everything even when I couldn’t, it frustrated me. As the days went by, I grew increasingly ungrateful for my life. Then the depression set in… I wasn’t living enough and so it made me sad. I didn’t have what I wanted and it made me sad. My life felt empty even when I had people around. I cried everyday. I even thought “the world wouldn’t miss me if I died today”

During a conversation with family last week, the topic of gratitude was raised and it was intensely discussed. This table shaking has a lot of people on it and it is almost impossible to say that you do not slip into this category every once in a while.

In the course of reading a book – “The Power” by Rhonda Bryne, A quote caught my attention.

If the only prayer you say in your entire life is – “thank you” – that is enough

Meister eckhart

This quote really had me thinking. Being grateful is just enough! Just looking at your life and feeling immense gratitude for everything you are and have today and now, is just enough.

So the big question is …


If there’s one thing I’ve noticed, it is that it is so hard for people to address their everyday lives without complaining. This post is not to bash anybody for their actions. However, I would like to let people in on a little secret to life.

Building a positive environment does not happen overnight. There are a lot of conscious actions and thoughts put towards achieving that goal and the more consistent you become, the better and quicker you receive that positivity filled life you have always wanted.


Some things are inevitable and even though we are not perfect, you must first remove your focus from the things that ignite negative emotions or feelings to create a life filled with gratitude and positivity, In other words, Think Happy!

Start with the things you see and the way you see them. Always think of the best possible outcome of a given situation. It’s not living a lie. You must first change your thoughts before anything else can start to change.

A classic example I always give will be a Rainy Day. You can choose to mourn and whine over the fact that the rain has come to mess up everything and create traffic or you can choose to love the cool breeze and wind that it comes with and let’s not forget the possibility of a cuddle or two.

is this gratitude really hard

A couple of days ago, Port Harcourt weather decided to take its occupants for an unsolicited ride. One moment it was hot and another moment it was cool, dry, dusty and all. I laughed at the joke because it was funny to me. I could have chosen to complain about how dry my lips were or how cracked the weather was making my skin, but I just laughed and enjoyed the uncertainty. As I am typing this, it is so hot! Can you believe that?


There are no perfect roads to this. This journey is a personal race but this one thing might change the way you see the wold entirely…


Always ask a gratitude prompting question every time you catch yourself complaining.

  • Can I see this differently?
  • What is good about today?
  • What is the best part of my day?
  • Could it have been worse?
  • Who am I grateful for?

These questions may seem simple to you right now but when you’re saying them to yourself, you’ll realize that their answers are a bit hard to reach especially in a negative situation.


The hardest simplest words ever are “Please” and “Thank You“. Just say thank you. Someone says you look good. Say “Thank You”. Just say Thank you. The universe is listening. Look for all the positive things that happened to you today and just say “Thank YOU”

Gratitude is not a very difficult thing once you get the hang of it but with pracitice and consistency, it’ll almost feel like you were born with it.

What are you most grateful for?

Tell me all about it in the comments

Stay Happy!

Annabel A.


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