Who would have thought that I will sit in a coffee shop in Port Harcourt, writing my blog post or reading a book?

Address – Wild Heat Lounge. #80 Evo Road, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt.

Opening Hours – MON – SAT (7am – 7pm), SUN (2pm – 7pm)

Phone – 08162036925

Up until this year, I didn’t really rate Port Harcourt. I couldn’t wait to move back to Abuja or to Lagos where they had more.

Then I stopped and decided to go out more. Find more young people like myself and start seeing this city for its possibilities. After quitting the hate,I started being open minded enough to love it.

Fortunately, the Universe listened and I have been seeing the type of places I would love to soak myself in.

I know it might seem like I have only being to cafés but those are my kind of places. It’s just really exciting that they have it in Port Harcourt.

I found the Coffee Shop by accident o! There was no prior decision to do a review at all.

Oya Gist Us

It was my first time at Wild Heat – a very interesting place and I will definitely do a review on them very soon. After eating my meal, just as I was about to leave the gate, I spotted someone in a small shop with her laptop. I asked if it was part of Wild Heat and the response was positive.

In my head at that point ehn, I was thinking of how I can just come and work here. No stress! I was just really impressed. A few days later, I walked in just for a preview and that’s how this Coffee Shop Review was born.

It’s confusing…

When I went online to do some research, I saw pictures of another place. This place was different from what I saw at wild heat. It made me rethink the authenticity of these guys because obviously either someone stole some else’s name and identity on google or somebody is playing with my feelings.

Not to worry tho, my doubts were sorted out. Turns out it’s the same place and they used to be beside Salvation Ministries on Birabi Street.

Now that I think of it, I’ve seen The Coffee Shop there before. I always wondered what happened in there but I wasn’t really at this blogger vibe place at that time so I freed it.

At the end of the day, GRA is an amazing spot for a lot of businesses. It is the center of this city and even though I wish these spots could spread, I also know that they’ll get more traffic in GRA. So, they should stay there.

The Coffee Shop is Hidden

Even though the location, Wild Heat, is pretty obvious, The Coffee Shop is hidden. I noticed it at night and during the day, it didn’t look catchy to me. A bolder sign post could do the trick to make people notice them more.

From my past reviews, you’d know that I’m a fan of beautiful spaces. The aesthetics at The Coffee Shop were undone. That’s the best way I can explain it really. It looked like a new place that they were trying to work on. I really do hope they have plans to work on it. If not we go get problem o.

I loved that they considered customers and put a bunch of sockets at the bar stool area. I felt like they were expecting me to feel at home and just throw on a robe and get ready to have coffee while I’m trying to edit a post.

Did they treat you right?

Oh yes they did! The girl at the shop was very ready for my many questions. She was kind and receptive. We laughed together at stuff and she gave me the menu options with smiles.

I knew I was going to come back there the moment I noticed how easily we were getting along. I like nice people. No need to frown your face at me please.


  • Great Customer Service – Happy Customer, Happy Business. I was treated right.
  • Sockets – Someone thought about me during the creation of that place. I just know it.


  • Location – Maybe I should say Visibility. It needs to be seen more.
  • Undone Aesthetics – Like I said, I really hope they have plans to fill up those empty shelves with maybe some art or

It is already known that I ordered something but the honest truth is that I was busy enjoying the place, I forgot to pay attention enough to do a review on the frappuccino I ordered for.

Let me know in the comments if you’d want to see a review on it. I’ll be glad to go back.