I’m not a very religious person and so it is a little weird talking about fasting. So, this post is as much of a surprise to me as it is to you. If you’re wondering, recently, I had a spiritual reset. Some might call it an awakening and even as strange as it sounds, I heeded and this post says all about my experience. Prepare yourselves for this journey.

Periodic fasting can help clear up the mind and strengthen the body and the spirit

Ezra Taft Benson

Before you say anything, I am a Christian and I have been forced to fast a couple of times. In fact, we fast every first day of the month in my house. So, I have done it before. Fasting didn’t mean much to me until recently.


A couple of years ago, my mother fasted for 7 days on just water. Knowing the usual method of starving for 6 hours every first day of the month, I thought “shey this woman is alright”. How can you live on only water for 7 days? Do you want to die? I thought of all the things that could go wrong. Trust me, in my head, they did and even got worse.

Immediately, I went to her to express my concerns. She was going through her own spiritual journey so she made me understand that it was possible and she had done her own research, so it’s safe. Fasting to me used to be a punishment. Why will anyone, in their right mind, choose to go hungry. Before I actually interacted with people who practised Islam, I thought Christians were overdoing it. Then, I went to uni and Ramadan changed my view slightly. I saw people not eat for almost all day. The whole time I’m like WHAT? With time, I realized that for some it’s a religious must do, but for some, it means a reset.


One random day in May, I spoke with God. I just talked to Him about my life and how it was going and how I felt about how it was going. It’s not like He isn’t aware of these things. I just like to talk to Him about them. Is it just me or the conversations with Him bring peace and clarity?

When I woke up the next day, I went to the kitchen to see if I could whip up breakfast. I suddenly felt a drawback as if my body was lying to me. On walking back to my room, I decided to start another conversation with God and this time, He spoke. Lol! Don’t freak out okay, I didn’t hear a deep voice coming from the heavens. I felt the strongest feeling and it seemed as if it came with a voice.

From nowhere, I felt the need to fast. 3 days no food. Just water. At first, I was too excited and I said oh! I should do for 21 days. The feeling made it clear that it was just 3 days and then I started to overthink. What if it doesn’t go well? How can I be without food for 3 days? I love food. I’m a renowned foodie. What is all this? Then, I stopped and I allowed the feeling to take over. I’ll give you a day to day recount of how it really went.


As you already know, this started in a weird way! I was pretty ready for this spiritually. It happened in bits tho. I drank loads of water because I was scared I’ll start feeling hungry the moment my brain found out I was fasting. If you fast, you know what I am talking about. Surprisingly, that didn’t happen. In fact, I didn’t drink water after my panic moment until later in the night. I started to feel weak towards evening. I had another conversation with my G and I went to bed.


I woke in the best mood ever. It was a little bit surprising because my mum said I might feel hungry and have headaches but nothing. I was smiling from ear to ear like I had won the lottery. I prayed and throughout the rest of the day, I kept speaking to God and confessing the things I knew had come to pass. The truth is, I realized I was meant to do this at this time. You know that feeling that you are fulfilling something you were meant to do? That’s what I felt.


I must confess, I expected that I will get through a trance or I’ll have a really revealing dream or something but all I felt was a fresh start. I was even stronger on Day 3. spent most of the day singing, dancing and just being excited. For those that knew I was fasting, it seemed a little strange. It was the day to break my fast and I needed to figure out what to eat.

Previously, my mother had mentioned that she doesn’t break her fast with hard food. She warned against anything solid. I started calling oh before man will live by bread alone and the bread will kill a man. After much research and questions, I decided pepper soup was it. The only problem is that this reset came with a new eating habit. I was going vegan again(Read about the first time I tried it here) too. What pepper soup could I possibly make?

Eventually, I settled on potato pepper soup. Don’t ask me questions please. I walked to the market which is about 10 minutes by foot and I did not feel faint for once. When I got back, I went into my room and just started praising.

For me, this was definitely a miracle. I was amazed at how God had inspired me to do this out of nowhere and had carried through the journey revealing things to me and even giving me a new idea which will be launched soon. It was truly an experience.

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Not only did God reveal to me his wonder, He also made me realize the amount of effortless control I have over my body. I solely depended on food before this fast and knowing that I can live on just water for that long proved to me that food was not my god.

I also woke up every day with a clearer mind and heart. Constantly filled with joy and smiling from ear to ear.

Have you fasted before? What was it like?

I’m not sure what your journey has been like but for me, this meant a whole lot. I can see fasting in a whole different light and it was beautiful having support from people around me.

With Love...

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