As a regular Nigerian, I eat very basic stuff. As far as pasta is concerned, I’ve only eaten spaghetti and macaroni. Every other thing seemed weird until now. Don’t get me wrong, I was open to giving new food a try, I just wouldn’t think of them first. This Alfredo Pasta review is as honest as honest gets.

Disclaimer: I did not pay for this meal. It was the complementary meal I had at CornerStore in Port Harcourt. I will remain as honest as possible.

I agreed to eat Lunch as my complementary treat and when I walked to the counter, I thought the Alfredo Pasta they had on the menu board was just plenty english or Spanish or whatever language for spaghetti. Was expecting regular spaghetti with a twist.

14 Tombia Street, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt.

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat (7am – 10pm), Sun (9am – 10pm)

Phone: 0908 612 2222

In my Veggie Wrap Review, I wrote about having to wait for a while before getting my order served. This one took about 5 minutes extra. I wasn’t really bothered with the pasta taking time because I expected it to take longer but seeing how much time they spent on the veggie wrap, I was scared for the pasta.

How did it look?

Different from what I expected. That was honestly what I thought when I saw it. I legit said “WOW” when I saw the food land on my table. Never hezperredit.


After a few minutes of taking pictures, I realized how good it looked especially with the greens sprinkled on it. I spent another few seconds admiring before diving in.

What did it smell like

Let me not lie! I did not pick up any smell. Did not pay attention to that at all because manz was too busy admiring and taking mental pictures of the new dish in my food diary. I apologize but I promised you an honest review and you deserve the truth.

What did it feel like

So right before I ate the food, the cave girl in me said I should touch the food small. Ok I did not use my hand to eat. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t eating things that were alive (it may have been trust issues tho).

The Alfredo Pasta had a different feel from the ones I was used to. I don’t blame anybody sha. I was trying it for the first time.

After poking it a couple of times, I cut through it with my fork. It was easy to cut through but then again aren’t they all after being cooked?

How did the Alfredo Pasta taste?

I ate alfredo pasta for the first time at CornerStore

When I put it in my mouth, I was searching for the salt and pepper and maggi taste. I didn’t quite get that and you know that as a nigerian babe, it is of importance that we taste spices inside.

I wasn’t quick to complain because as soon as I tasted the chicken that was shredded in the pasta, I understood why the chef chose to have a subtle taste for the Alfredo Pasta.

The taste of the pasta, the cheese and the chicken all made sense together. You had to eat the whole package to understand what’s happening.

I liked the challenge o. See me searching for chicken so that I could satisfy the cruise going on in my head.

I’m never scared of the way food is presented at the Corner Store. I had been served before this meal so I knew they were coming with their spotless white plates.

If you want to read about the atmosphere at CornerStore, read my first blog post on them here. You’ll LOVE it.

I ate alfredo pasta for the first time at cornerstore - ambience


Cheese : Even though the waiter wasn’t sure I would like the cheese, I loved it. I guess some people might not enjoy it but I did.

Tasty Chicken : YO! I felt like that chicken was the star of the meal. Every bit of it was tasty.



  • Spice: More spice on the Alfredo Pasta could really help. If this is how it is normally prepared in the obodo oyibo then cool and nice but some of us in this side like more spice so an extra spice can be provided.

Would I Recommend the Alfredo Pasta from CornerStore?

Yes! You guys really need to try it. Plus if you love trying new things, feel free.

Before you go, drop something you’ll want me to review. I’d like a challenge.

Stay Happy ❤️


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    I want to see you review something more adventurous, Chinese local food 🥘?? Worms or frogs will be just fine 😭