Mondays are not always fun. Switching back to work mode or serious mode has got to be one of the most unnecessary feelings ever. Like! Why should I bother it will soon be Friday again!

How to stay calm at work - stressed - YRN
Don’t be like this please!

With all these thoughts in your head, you’re probably already stressed out by just thinking about the stress that will come with work

Not to worry, YRN’s got you.

You know Mondays are self help and motivation days here and this stresses on helping people get find themselves and be better generally.


  • Label your emotions – Identify what you’re feeling when you’re feeling. Don’t just be angry because you think so. Know what you feel and why you’re feeling that way.
  • Breathe – I cannot stress how much this has helped me get over a lot of emotional moments – especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I just breathe deeply. Incase you’ve tried this and it didn’t work, try counting to 10.
  • Be Positive – Changing your perspective really does wonders. Think positively. I spoke about positivity in this podcast.
  • Be flexible – It might not always work out the way you want and that’s ok. So don’t sweat it and give room for the unexpected.
  • Keep it Simple – Break it down! Cut big tasks into smaller ones and enjoy the ease.
  • Ask Questions – There’s always room for learning. If you don’t know, please ask. Nobody will beat you for not knowing. Ask!How to stay calm at work - focused work -YRN
  • Practice Focused Word – Split up your time so you can focus on tasks better. I mentioned the Pomodoro technique in this post and it does wonders.
  • One day at a time – This is popular knowledge. Don’t stress about Friday today. Enjoy your Monday and deal with what you need today. Leave tomorrow out until you’re calmer.
How to stay focused at work - get proper sleep - YRN
  • Get Proper Sleep – I’m not talking about going to bed at 2am and waking up and 5am to get ready for work. Going through traffic for 2 hours and getting to work right about the time your boss is asking for you and having to apologize before going to your desk to find a whole load of paperwork. NO! Get your 6-8hour sleep and wake up like the king/queen that you are.
  • Plan Ahead – Do this for me, before you go to bed tonight, write down 3 tasks you have to complete tomorrow. You could have more than 3 things to do but at least you have clearly outlined 3 and that’s a good start.

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