Since I love to talk too much, I decided to talk about positivity today on YRN Speaks. I am almost always a positive person. Permit me to teach you a thing or two about how I stay positive. It’s not that I am blind to the fact that bad things happen, I just choose to see the bright lights.

Secret? I am too emotionally lazy to stress myself. Positivity just seems like an easier choice.


Before the creation of this podcast, I had a pretty sad day. I just couldn’t stop crying about some stuff and memories. So just imagine someone crying and telling you to be positive. LOL! Definitely not the prettiest sight or sound.

Being positive is getting harder as I age. It’s like the stages in a video game, it just gets harder as you advance.

It’s not the end of the world though. Look for that light in the tunnel – that tiny light that helps you see the way out. You see that one? Yeah!

Here are a few tips

  • Being positive doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen
  • You’ve got to work out
  • Tell that person you’re grateful and show it if you can too
  • Always ask yourself “what did I learn from this?”
  • Smile!
  • Choose to be HAPPY!

“Everyday may not be good but there is something good in every day.”

Here’s a personal recommendation for my wonderful readers.

The Secret by Rhonda Brynes

It’s such a life-changing book. You would love it.

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