This dedication something is very tricky.

Please if you’re reading this and thinking “No now! this is simple, please shift. This podcast is definitely not for you”

Have you ever been so scared to mention the word “commitment” that you find a synonym for it? Wow! This is deeper than I thought.

With my blog, with my business and with a lot of other stuff, I have struggled with staying dedicated long enough to reap the benefits.

As I am telling you this, shame is catching me. Serious shame o. This is one of the reasons why people just give up. See ehn! I cannot form. I am still struggling right now but so far I have learnt a few things.

What is dedication?

Na just another word for “COMMITMENT”. I’m not speaking particularly on relationships but dedication to whatever it is you want is pretty much based on the same principles and these tips will help in whatever you apply them to.

Why should I be dedicated?

Because you want to achieve your goals! Have you ever felt like you set goals and for some reasons you never get to achieve anything close to them and then one year and two and then ten years later you’re regretting and blaming everybody around you?

Yh you! I know you can relate. Get in here. Read the show notes and listen to the podcast.

How to be dedicated?

These are the things I’ve learnt so far and I must say, implementation was not the easiest. One thing I’m sure of is that it won’t be easy but hang in there just for a little bit

The results are not always immediate

I cannot count how many times I wanted to just lose all that weight in one second. LOL. I just wanted the results to be as quick as possible.

No need to rush. This is not Tom and Jerry or some cartoon show where trees grow as quick as they’re planted. Let’s all relax and put in some work.

Quit being scared

If you’re in the category of people that have a million and one excuses why you can’t do something, you should quit it. If you know in the deepest of hearts that you are in this group, Raise your Hand!

Now put your right hand on your chest and repeat after me.

“I will not be afraid to be who I want to be. I will stop making excuses for things I’m afraid of”

Focus on What’s Important

Stop doing all those unnecessary things and then kick yourself in the butt when nothing works out the way you wanted them to.

Start preparing intentional tasks and to-do lists that are for the progress of your goal. Last last you’ll enjoy the results.

Change your Mindset

If you keep a negative mindset, chances are you’ll give up even before you start.

Remember that your thoughts become things so think positive things and you’ll be more motivated.

Be Accountable

You know what you need to do?

  • Make a weekly goal list
  • Join a community
  • Tell others to help you track

2 thoughts on “HOW TO BE DEDICATED”

  1. Awesome read…Personally, my problem isn’t on being committed, but rather believe that I’m not making a fool of myself. I think having confidence is an extra boost to being dedicated or committed to anything. Irrespective of all that, I’m trying to make more effort even though it’s not in my comfort zone. Thanks for the advice.

    1. Thank you Jennifer and you’re welcome, I’m glad you like it. I struggled a great deal with confidence too – the major reason it took years to go fully public with my blog. I’ll definitely do a podcast on how I got over that. I still struggle tho but I’m way better than I used to be. It gets better. You get some comments and reviews and you realize you’re doing good.