If you want to learn to get rich now, then keep reading. It is really amazing what you see in these books these days. Rich Dad Poor Dad has been on my reading list for the longest time and even though I wanted the hard copy, I was not sure I wanted to make that purchase or the search.

If you do not know already, I really love my space and that means I don’t like to come out very often. So, for me, going out to look for a book is stressful. I really wish they delivered everything to your doorstep in this Port Harcourt. I should jump on delivery and errand services.

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I heard about Rich Dad Poor Dad back in 2016. I can’t remember how I got into a conversation with a complete stranger and the name of the book popped up. He asked me to read the book and it stuck. I didn’t read it then because I was busy reading other books but the name was always at the back of my mind. 

Fast forward to this year, I became very obsessed with looking up reading lists on Pinterest and best believe they had this book on almost every list I saw. 

I chose to read this book with a very open mind and I’m glad I consciously did that, if not, I would have given up and closed it out of depression. So, when I want to read a self help book, I always choose to see it as one to educate me. I know I have to choose that else, I will land myself in a fix and either get bored or get pissed.

Books open your mind, broaden your mind, and strengthen you as nothing else can.

William Feather

Disclaimer: I must warn you, I am going to shake a few tables and it will be an uncomfortable ride but stay open and willing and you might just see reasons with Robert. (He’s the author btw)

I must warn you, I am going to shake a few tables and it will be an uncomfortable ride but stay open and willing and you might just see reasons with Robert. (He’s the author btw)

  1. Your House is not an Asset

    You know how we always looked at our houses as assets and properties to be comfortable in? Well, Robert slightly disagrees. It’s a home and that’s a good achievement but it costs money to maintain and keep that place going. Think about it tho… the bigger the house, the more you spend on dad poor dad

  2. Your Money needs to make Money

    Saving money is not enough. You need to invest it. Your investments should also yield income.

  3. Your Assets should cover your Expenses

    According to Robert, the rich folks not only have assets, they have assets that give them income.

  4. The “Bold” get ahead

    Smart people are cool but it doesn’t matter how smart you are in life, if you do not make a move and chose to be like a tree planted by the water, then nothing come out o. You need to find the courage to actually make a move and be seen.

  5. Money is not Real

    This one got me laughing. How can you say money is not real? At this point, I was thinking “Ok Mr. Robert. I know you’re trying to motivate me and all but let’s not go overboard here. Money is pretty real”. And then I thought again… he’s right we invented money. It’s not real!rich dad poor dad

Wealth is a measure of a person’s ability to survive so many days forward

R. Buckminster fuller


  • Learn to manage cash flows, systems and people
  • Understand Sales and Marketing
  • Know a little bit about everything
  • Learn Communication skills
  • Learn to give money
  • Never be afraid to lose
  • Analyze instead of criticize
  • Pay yourself first
  • Develop good money habits
  • Give and Teach and you shall receive


  1. Amazing! This book contains mindblowing info!! You know I have the hard copy but lent it to a friend,I’m putting a call through to him to have it retuned. Thanks for sharing❤