Let us not get into plenty talk! I am quite a lazy one. I’m not proud of that entirely, but “ACCEPT YOURSELF” they said. I need to find motivation too.

If there’s anybody that has had real issues with motivation, it’s me!

Before I get started, I missed you guys. A whole lot!

Deciding to type this post was a struggle on its own. I had switched off on starting my photography class for so long that I felt I’ll be rude to even call them back.

One of the biggest issues I face with this website is being motivated enough to even create a post. I’m learning to discipline myself but it’s not very easy for me. Finding Motivation has been a struggle for me and what better way to grow than to share the very few tips I have gathered so far.

finding motivation



The first step is to realize that you are tired of lacking motivation.


This part is honestly because I feel hungry sometimes and I get frustrated and just over think life.



  • WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? – Write down your goal. Write it as your reading this.


  • WHY DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE IT? – Right under your goal, put down at least one reason why you want to achieve it. Always remember to ask yourself WHY! I mentioned this here


  • WRITE, SING OR CAPTURE – Sometimes, we need that extra push. Knowing your goal might not just be enough for you. You might need to have another form of representation to make it register in your mind. So, write it down if you must, you could also make a vision board and keep it somewhere you want in your bedroom. Another idea is to take pictures and put as your wallpaper or do a video you will watch everyday.


  • WHAT CAN YOU DO TODAY? – They say that “Little drops of water make an ocean”. Do something today to contribute to that goal. Do something everyday to add to that achievement. It might be writing a page everyday or even a paragraph so that you can reach the goal of Writing your book. Whatever it is, make sure you’re working at it daily.


  • READ QUOTES – Sometimes, all I have to push me are quotes from other people. I try to make sure I start my day with a quote. I have an app that helps me with that. Check out their website here.


  • STAND UP – Do you ever feel like the reason why you’re feeling like crap is because you’re not active enough? I feel like that sometimes and then I stand up and take a walk or just do the work standing.


  • TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS My phone is by far one of my best friends and a huge distraction! I could have a post to put up and when I hold my phone, 3 hours will vanish in thin air. Unbelievable! So, I just switch on the Do Not Disturb function on my phone and tune everything out. Using the Pomodoro Technique also works wonders. Wish I knew all of that in school.

tips on how to find motivation

  • STOP CHOKING YOURSELF – You there! Yes you! I am sure you have decided to do a thousand things right now. No boo focus on one things at a time. You will thank me later.


YRN Speaks is a growth podcast. I focus on self-help topics and with time, there will be more interesting things to share.