It’s Day 9 of my BLOGMAS series already. YAY!

I remember growing up and thinking about my perfect Christmas in the abroad just like I saw in the movies. Would fantasize about family meals and snow and wearing thick clothes. I loved the idea of snow ball fights and Christmas lights all over the house. The Christmas spirit I saw in the movies really made it hard to enjoy my reality. 

I watched Christmas movies all the time and I wondered what it will be like to write letters to Santa Claus – always wondered if he thought I was naughty or nice. It had to be in the nice list. I was a very obedient child. I would sit and wonder when snow will finally fall in Nigeria. Maybe my dad should have moved us to Jos where it snowed (as I heard) or better still to the abroad itself. I deserved to live the soft life like in the movies

I wondered what it will be like to see Santa (even though it scared me). Was there really any magic in having a Christmas spirit? 

Christmas was supposed to be a time of cheer. Right? Everybody singing and exchanging gifts. Right? So let me tell you how I wanted my Christmas Day to be like…


Waking up excited to my Christmas gifts under the tree. Mum and Dad will pamper me and we always got dressed at about 10am. My agenda was to go to the mall and then shop for the family supper but before that, I always challenged everyone to a snow ball fight. I’d go check on Mr Snowman of course to make sure the wind did not blow his hat away or some kids did not chop off his hands. To me, he always looked good and so I went on with my day… Happy and Cheerful…


We had a few friends over and after a very tasty supper, we stayed by the piano and sang Christmas songs while exchanging gifts. The night always ended in laughter and hugs. Everybody yelled “see you next year” as they exited the front door.

LOL! Such dreams… My reality has changed over the years but that’s why this is a dream. They never happened. 

My Reality

How do I put this in a nice way? Christmas day flies by so fast. I barely remember what happened and what didn’t. First of all, there’s no tree or gift to look forward to. Don’t even get me started on the fact that cooking takes almost all day. I barely have the time to even play Christmas jams with my Aunty’s Akanchawa playing on the speakers or from her very loud phone.

We always spent Christmas in the village while I was growing up. I loved waking up to hear everybody saying good morning and yelling “Merry Christmas”. It was very cheerful back then. I hated the fact that before I could catch my breath, the house was filled with different relatives for different reasons because they hardly came bearing gifts.

Santa doesn’t exist and even if he did, I doubt he’ll visit Nigeria. Someone will kidnap him before he finishes from Lagos. Jos doesn’t even have snow. All na wash! It get really cold but the kind of snow I want is not in this country. I have to travel to the abroad to enjoy this dream.

I can’t remember the last time I dressed up specially for Christmas. Who still does? Raise your hand if you do.

They found a way to completely delete our Christmas tree at home. Not even light sef. Nobody buys me Christmas presents anymore. I’m adulting and people are caring less with time. 

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I can’t wait to say Merry Christmas