It’s BLOGMAS Day 8! I’m still super pumped. 

Yesterday, I had a great time at Date Night – an elegant event put together by the Twenty Two Zero Spot team. It was filled with so many beautiful moments. Sooo Romantic and fun at the same time.

In the Spirit of Romance, I decided to put out a Blogmas post on Date Night Ideas for December. If you’re in a relationship, I’ll tell you ways on how to enjoy some romantic time.

This season is known for cheer and family but do people ever get the chance to remember themselves or their significant others? Everywhere you turn is for family outings and group stuff. Romance is sort of secondary in these times. 

But YRN always has your back so here goes…

Golf Date

One reason why I love golf is because it is a calm game. Only you will jejely play it and understand your winning. Nobody is trying to push you down. Whether you’re catching this cruise on your own or with someone else, just go and play golf. This doesn’t sound so regular abi? For those in PH reading this, PH has a beautiful golf course right behind the popular pleasure park.

Park Date

We all know the very famous Pleasure park in Port Harcourt is crowded during weekends. I know this doesn’t exactly scream alone time but hear me out. After 6pm, most families have retired home. The number of children in the park will be almost equal to zero by 7pm. At 7pm, you not only enjoy peace and quiet, you’ll also enjoy free gate pass. You and your date get to enjoy some cool, breezy alone time.

Garden Date

Find a nice garden and book for a space. The idea is to have an intimate date night. So try to visit a very quiet space. Trust me, the peace and quiet will highlight a couple of things in your relationship. There’s Tontex garden… I’ve always wondered what it will be like to have a private dinner date there.

Movie Date

Do not go to the cinema during weekends! I repeat! DO NOT GO TO THE CINEMA DURING THE WEEKENDS. The crowd is overwhelming. Pick a weekday date night and take that special someone to see a romantic movie. Port Harcourt has Genesis and Filmhouse. I really wonder what happened to Silverbird and Icinema. They seemed to be doing so well.

Game Date

I really want you to dress up to go and play a game together. Compete against each other or play as a team. Xcape Reality has some really nice and competitive virtual reality games. It’s fun and you’re going to love it

Ice-cream Date

Take your partner to an ice cream spot and try out new flavours. You guys could be on this for the entire month honestly. Take out every date night to try out two new flavours or maybe more. 

Okay guys! that’s all I have for Blogmas Day 8.

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Remember to enjoy and chop life. Alway stay happy and be the light


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    1. Do what you enjoy doing! Take yourself out on any of these dates. This year I went to play game with myself! I loved it!!!!!