Welcome to my Blogmas Day 7. It’s officially my first BLOGMAS post ever.

I usually don’t like to admit that I’m afraid of anything but there are a few things that stand out for me during the festive seasons . As I’m beginning my Blogmas, I’ll call them Christmas Fears.

You know… this society is very funny and sadly I have gotten so used to it that it is now a part of me. I am consciously or unconsciously indulging in these fears even though I know how silly they are.

I’m not sure why I chose fears today but I know I’ve been feeling really pressured lately. Infact, I’ve been stressed out. So here goes my Christmas fears

1. Santa Clause!

You probably read that and thought “huh?” Yes! I have always known he’s not real. In this country, we were introduced to Father Christmas but I just feel he’ll show up one day in his sleigh and with his helpers and reindeers. It scares the sh$t out of me

2. Ember Month!

You know that general “ember” month talk. Yh! The ones of people dying and plenty gbo gbo ti gbo going on. This one is very much in my subconscious. I am afraid low high key. I may not admit it and I even kick against it but every now and again, there’s a reminder in my head to be careful because it’s “ember month”

3. Christmas Cloth!

When I was a child, I hated all my Christmas clothes. I was a Tom Boy so I hated flowery dresses and those shiny black shoes. Don’t even get me started on those flower socks that itched so much!!! I prayed for them to forget to buy me clothes because I really didn’t want new uncomfortable dresses. So if I just hear Christmas cloth … I Dey run! Even till now!

4. No Rice?

You sef know sey this one no dey possible. Anyhow wey cow meat sweet e sha no be goat. My Christmas Rice is my Christmas Rice. I must eat it. I actually feel my heart jump when I see it so please don’t say “I no cook Rice this year o” we can’t be friends.
blogmas fear no rice

5. Injury!

I hate getting injured during harmattan. I’m not sure if it’s extra painful because they said it is or it actually hurts but I really hate being injured in this season.
blogmas fear injury

Ladies and Gentlemen, my readers and co-bloggers. I hope with these few points of mine I have been able to inform you about the little things that scare me at Christmas. One of the lessons I’ve learnt is that I can learn from my fears but first step is accepting that I’m afraid.

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  1. Finally, I am not the only one still afraid of Santa Claus, or as we call it ” Father Christmas ”
    He’s just so big and scary

    1. My dear… I used to form strong girl when I was little but believe me deep down, I just did not want him around me

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