About Annabel A.

I was born in 1995 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I was blessed with parents that loved me and only gave me the best of everything. I easily became everybody’s favourite because I didn’t want issues and the “rebel” life was not for me. In the bid to avoid trouble, I did what I was told without questions even though they were caught up in my head. When I went to University, the confusion started. I was finally in a place where I made my own decisions and I didn’t even know what to think.

In no time. I graduated with a BSc in Computer Science and a 2:1 too. I was set to go and my plan was simple. It was every parent’s dream for their child. Finish School – Do NYSC – Get a Job – Get Married. This was simple. That’s what I thought.

Then, relationships started to go bad and depression drew even closer to me. My life was a mess and I didn’t know what to do. All I knew was “this was not the life I planned for”

In 2016, I finally got a job after searching for a year. In 2017, My painful relationship ended, I lost my dad, my grandma, and my job all in a space of 3 months. I knew I had to pick myself up and deal with life from the inside.

I’m a Christian girl who believes first in LOVE. I’m a Nigerian who believes in Humanity and from time to time, I like to disconnect and get a hold of myself when I feel like I’m slipping.

As an introvert (INFP), I used to be a socially awkward person. Then I discovered Social Media and some other awkward friends. You can follow me for my random thoughts and remarks.

About YRN

At first glance, people think that YRN is a news blog for regular Nigerians: Celebrity gists, political news, gossips and the usual content you have on news blogs. But that is a mistake.

It’s true that the blog is about the regular Nigerian but it is much more about a young Nigerian’s journey through life. Especially the phase of transitioning into adulthood. Dealing with personal development and growth coming from the inside. That’s the point and message of the blog.

The regular Nigerian might not think about how their personal growth affects the people around then but it does. Life is a very personal journey and even though you have lots of people around to help yo get through, you still need to first take care of yourself.

Personal Development is that thing that takes us from being reactors to actors. We have more control than we think.

When I went through that crushing point in 2017, I was sure that life was over but I realized I didn’t die because I lost my loved ones. I saw that the lack of a job did not end my existence. I still had control over the way I thought and what I focused my thoughts on.

The website was in existence since 2016 and I filled it up with only posts that came out of sadness. In 2018, that changed. I chose to fill it up with positivity and content encourage self growth. Everything that a young Nigerian can relate to. Since YRN started, I have met great people in my life and have turned my life around totally.

I have clarity on what I want to do with my life and it even becomes clearer by the day. I am calmer inside and out and frustration doesn’t walk in and out of my life the way it chooses. I have control.

The absence of a JOB is not the end of the world for me because I know that I have skills and value that serves others and I do it with love and joy in my heart.

I started a podcast, Let’s Talk Over Wine, that allows for free talk about anything and everything that concerns the regular Nigerian but this Podcast has a twist. It always ends with a lesson.

I also launched a #spreadpositivity movement on my instagram page and released a segment called You Are Special because we all are.

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