A few posts ago, I wrote down 10 of the 23 life lessons anyone could learn from life. I’m back with the rest.

I hope you’re with your notepads…


Enjoy What You Do!

One thing I have grown to understand is that you NEED to enjoy what you do. It will definitely tell on you if you don’t.

I accepted a job offer because I needed the money. It didn’t take long before that excitement vanished and I started wishing I had taken my time to find out what I wanted to really do.

Be happy with your job. If you’re not happy doing what you do, find something else. You’ll be proud to go to work because you want to be there. It won’t be easy every time but it will be easier because you love it.

Talk to Others in Your Field

After you figure out what you want to do, ask others. Do in-person interviews with people in your field. Try to figure out all there is to know about what you do. The best way to do this (in my opinion) is to find out from people you know.

I’m not perfect and I am in no way trying to look perfect so please feel free to drop a piece of advice or two.

Reject that offer

Don’t be scared to reject job offers that do not suit your future plans. I know that things are not so easy and you want to make money ASAP, but if you have to ask yourself about your 5-year plan and that job doesn’t match up with it, then walk away.

Think of it this way, you don’t want to be stuck in a job for 10 years without advancements. Even if it is not the dream job or role, it should at least prepare you for that dream.



Growing up, I don’t think anybody hated reading as much as I did. Like can we act a movie about the book or something?

Books were so cumbersome. They contained too many words and too many lessons at the same time. I thought reading novels would help but Nah. I just couldn’t deal.

Look at me now!

I decided to make it a goal to read books every month. So far, I’m a lot better. For some, it comes easy but for people like me, we have to work a little harder to get there

Just in case you don’t mind the extra cash, you could sign up for audiobooks. They are a lot easier.


I’ve always loved to write. My entire family can confess that. I always tried to have a diary but the thing with my diaries was that they contained more negative stuff. Always had to do with me feeling hurt or heartbroken.

I can’t blame this on anybody else. With time, I started reading articles about journaling. I prefer the idea of documenting my life as simply as possible.

Be Grateful

This one was not so easy for me. I’m usually a positive person but I got to the point where I was a sour puss. It became a daily activity for me. The cycle was always the same.

I have a challenge – I complain – I cry – I complain – I hide.

This cycle is exhausting and very depressing. It’s the same things and the same feelings and they end well. See ehn! The lack of peace of mind is not funny at all.

Be grateful! My trick now is to write down the things I’m grateful for every day. So everyday I must have something to be thankful for.

Laugh out Loud

Try as much as you can to laugh. Listen to jokes, surround yourself with people that make you laugh and find amusing things to do.

Laughter heals. It cures your sore heart. Laughter is the best medicine. It treats your sadness. Laughter is the best life lesson.

Let go

Letting go is one of the hardest life lessons for me. There’s no point holding on to stuff really. See ehn last last your chest will be heavy and I can’t even stress myself. Let go of things that hurt you.

I’m learning to let go of things and even people that will hurt me.

Let go of the emotions that don’t bring you peace. Let go of the things that clutter your space. Letting go creates room for better things.


Let me not even claim like I have mastered this one. I’m just learning to get past breathing exercises. For me, if the breathing exercises have been this good, how much more the full meditation.

Even if it’s 5 minutes, let’s get a hold of our feelings.

Ask “Why?”

I started asking myself ”why” and I have been more intentional with life. Answer your whys and always ask them too.

Questions even the things that seem to be ”tradition”. Having a reason to do something makes it more like a choice.

Why are you working out? Why Why Why!


On a normal day, I would laugh at whoever wrote this post. Which one is pray again ontop life lessons.

I kid you not. Praying has made a huge difference in my life. I’m more of a writer than a talker so most of my prayers are written as letters to God.

Baba God needs to know that his mail is working and I’m using it well. Of course I don’t mail it to heaven literally but you get the point.

I make sure I pray as often as possible. You don’t necessarily have to kneel down and speak in tongues. Just communicate with him. He understands. He knows you. He’s your G!

Enjoy your own company

Sit down and do things you love by yourself. Enjoy yourself by yourself. Take yourself out. Play video games alone. Last last you are your own competition abi.

Feel good being alone. Love yourself. Pamper yourself. Sit alone in a restaurant and just eat. Workout alone. Go swimming on your own. Do whatever you love to do by yourself.

Having people around is good but you need to learn to be alone.


Have faith! Have faith in life!

Trusting that the universe will be kind to you. Releasing positive vibes more. Not letting the slightest challenge to turn you into the worry monster.

All these are ways you could believe. Believe in yourself and in people too. Don’t worry you’ll get disappointed and that’s ok. Just believe that life is beautiful because it is.