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It’s hard to say that I had a plan for 2021. After how 2020 went, I was just glad to have made it into the new year, honestly. The uncertainty from 2020 left me with some fear and resistance to set goals. I shouldn’t have let it get that far but, I had chosen to live every day that all I wanted to feel in 2021 was gratitude. These 2021 reflections left me really passionate and helped me evolve through the year.


Growing up, I had experienced wonderful things. Good things came to me and I loved them. With time, I started to understand the true meaning of hard times and it hurt me every time. I realized that I cannot be at the forefront of every war and God needed to take control of things.

The funniest part is that you don’t even expect Him to act as fast or as good as He does sometimes. Throughout 2021, He showed up multiple times, performing miracles and taking care of me. I saw clearly that miracles happen every day.

Drop everything at God’s feet. He is more than able to turn things in your favour within seconds.


Surely, I’ll have more reasons to believe this but even at the beginning of our journey together, I could easily see how much more uncomplicated my husband made my life. At the wedding, I had reasons to turn into a bridezilla but he told me “let’s enjoy and catch cruise” and that’s what we did. We enjoyed every moment and went with the flow.

The relationship you have with your spouse has an effect on how you both handle situations.

2021 reflections - getting married


In life, we must learn to compromise. Now, I’m not asking you to drop everything you stand for and compromise. I would never do that. I’m letting you know that unlearning and relearning are big parts of growth and sometimes, compromise is what makes relationships move forward. For me, this played a huge part after I got married. Learning that I was doing life with another person meant that I had to put him into consideration and vice versa. Learning that it’s not always about me anymore was a hard realization and I’m still learning to do better.


I remember thinking that my life had to be figured out by 25. Jokes were definitely on me. I turned 26 in 2021 and I was starting another phase in my life. In fact, you couldn’t refer to me as old at all and I had a whole lot of time ahead of me. Take off the mentality that you’re too old to achieve those dreams. You are not! Celebrate growing older. Take the lessons you’ve learned and use them to make the next year even more memorable.


Before 2021, I had heard about 2 meals from Ghana; Shito and Banku. I had never even googled them at any point to even see what they were about. Last year, I visited Ghana and it was truly a good addition to my taste buds. I have a tub of shito and I have finally learned how to make Banku.

Try to explore different meals this year. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you may fall in love with the new experience.

2021 reflections - ghana trip


While God is our surest bodyguard and only Him can guarantee our safety, I finally know what it means to feel peaceful walking down a street at 2 am. In Nigeria, I knew that the moment it gets dark, my heart will race until I’m home, in my bed. When I first got into Dubai, I didn’t believe that it was one of the safest cities in the world. To me, that was a publicity stunt to make tourists feel safer.

It’s real! I have experienced it first hand and it feels great. This is surely the most comforting of my 2021 reflections.


One of the hardest things for me in 2021 was resigning from my job. I wanted to be there and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. Sadly, I had to move on. This was part of my huge change and I had to accept it.


As I collect my 2021 reflection, I realize how many Nos I read and heard last year. The amount of job rejection emails I received in 2021 alone, are enough to make me give up but rejections are a part of life. They say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, when you see that rejection email don’t give up. Keep trying, Keep going.


Life happens to all of us and with every stage, we experience new forms of pain or grief. Maybe one day, it will hurt less but when you are going through that pain, it’s unreal. I experienced loss in 2021 like I’ve never experienced and it altered a lot of my mental and emotional health.

I’m still healing but when these things happen, you can ask for help. Don’t feel like sharing your story makes you weaker in any way. Remember to surround yourself with people who care and be grateful for those who show support.

2021 reflections - loss and grief


Ever imagined someone in a whole different light only for them to rubbish your expectations of them? People change or maybe they don’t, we just expected too much from them.

This year, I learned to say, “I’m disappointed in you”. It didn’t mean I was angry, I just needed the person to know that they turned out so different from what I had expected.

When someone show you who they are, believe them

Maya Angelou

2021 was quite eventful and as you read, you may see that one thing is constant. I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned so far. Not necessarily because I only had great things happen to me, but also for the fact that I am glad I saw myself grow through every single event.

Above all, my 2021 Reflections made me realize all the things I should be thankful for. What about you? What were some big lessons 2021 taught you? I’d love to read them, too.

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