Typically, I would read novels just for the trips. I’ll pay attention to the story lines with lips filled with “awwwws” and eyes with tears (I’m such a mush ball). If you’ve watched the movie, Me Before You, you’ll agree to most of the lessons in this post.

I watched the movie a while back and I loved it and yes, I cried – I loved it so much, I had to read the book.

Omo! This book is LONG! I dropped it after like 3 days (this was 3 months ago). Biko don’t judge me – attention span no gree me. On top of that, I felt like it was not important since I already watched the movie. Little did I know there were some details the movie skipped.

See ehn! If you’ve read a book and watched the movie of that book, you’ll understand what I’m about to say.

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I’ll rather imagine things and create mental pictures in my head. These movies just slash the fun and cut out details in the books.

No guys! I won’t review this book. Not today. I’ll just love it the way it is.

10 Lessons from “Me Before You”

Your Comfort Zone Sucks

Louisa was in such a messed up comfortable place. Not only did she settle for it, she didn’t think she deserved any better. It was as if she was afraid to explore other options. It reflected in everything she did ; her job, her hobbies, her entire life. It sucked!

You can’t blame your Negligence on someone else

Patrick was selfish and I hated it. Every time I read about him, I wished Louisa would leave him. It wasn’t until he saw that she was beginning to see life differently and that someone else was actually paying attention to her that he started realizing himself.

Nah! Truth is he neglected her most of the time. It was all about him.

Worst part is that he even tried to make it seem like she was leaving him out of things. Bruh!

Take care of you

We all need friends like Will. He taught Louisa to take care of herself. I wished she took his advice immediately tho. It was an important lesson and it really served her when she needed to make certain decisions.

You can’t hide a broken home for long

This part was funny to me. A couple living in a home as housemates. I doubt that Mr and Mrs Traynor spoke to each other. Their marriage was so broken, the pieces were poking me in my own house. Kai! The worst part is they were now pretending and trying to stay together for Will. The same Will that knew what was going on. SMH.

Accept who you are

One of the best parts of the book for me was the time Will gave Louisa her birthday present. Nobody else got the inside joke but the both of them. It was such a beautiful moment because he actually paid attention to her and it was HER thing. He knew it wasn’t about him. It was all about her.

She accepted her sense of fashion as bright and shiny as it was and that was just fine.

Life gives room for second chances

Katrina’s life might have seemed like it was over. I bet if she was in a Nigerian setting, she would be forced and discouraged to let go of any dream she might have had before she had her baby Thomas.

She did not! I was more than excited when she took the bull by the horn and went back to school. She even went with her child. She was determined to change her life and she didn’t let anything get in her way.

You can BLOW from any angle

Guy! Lou just hammered from nowhere! Some things will just happen sometimes and you’ll ask God

“Where is my own miracle?”

All she did was care for someone and she got her reward in a hundred folds. Scratch that – a couple thousand folds.

Dear God, I know You are reading this. Please let me not be stubborn when my own time comes. Let my mind open wider than ever. Let me be ready to receive my double portion. Can I get an AMEN?

You cannot live another person’s life

No matter how hard everyone tried, nobody could understand and live Will’s life for him. He was still the one to wake up in that state. He was still the one that felt all the pain and discomfort.

I know he had people to help, but guess who still spent time on the hospital bed? Will!

The lesson here is simple. You can’t live life for someone else. No matter how hard you try. No matter how much you care. You cannot be in their head or feel the exact pain they’re feeling. This life’s journey is just somehow.

The world needs more books

As soon as Will introduced Louisa to books, she just kept going. She was exposed to the library and most importantly she started loving it.

I used to hate reading. To be honest, I hated the words and the very many pages. Why couldn’t they just tell us what it was about.

I’ve grown to realize some of the best things in life need your dedication. Just a little dedication and discipline and you’ll start doing things you could never imagine.

That’s how it is for reading. I’m getting better one book after another. If you’re still not a fan, try ebooks or better still Audio Books.

Sometimes, you can’t save the person you love.

The most touching part of this story is that Will died. No matter how much all the people around him felt, he still died.

It was heart breaking and then I stopped and asked myself how he must have felt being in his state. Especially knowing the kind of life he lived before.

He was a free spirit and in the twinkle of an eye, his life changed and he was now at the mercy of everyone else.

Louisa worked really hard. She tried to make him see it the way she did. His parents were out of options and after her different tries, she too ran out.

In the end, it boiled down to them being with him on his last day. No matter how they loved him, he had made up his mind.