I didn’t realize that I was such a foodie until I started coming up with what to call this podcast and all I could think about was lemons. So here goes… Let’s learn how to make lemonade with our many lemons

Life as we know it

Life hits us hard. Sometimes harder than we expect but we can’t just give up on ourselves because well…. we just can’t. I could give a thousand and one quotes that say don’t give up. But I’ll just drop my piece and go.Lemons are sour and so are the bad situations we face. So let’s figure out the best way to deal with them! Shall we?

Let’s make Lemonade

In the spirit of POSITIVITY, we need to learn to make the best out of every challenge we encounter in life.

I just want to drop a few points to be taken

  1. Don’t focus on the negative
  2. Recognize the challenge
  3. No need for shoulda woulda coulda
  4. Learn the Lesson
  5. Re-access yourself

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Did you read the book I recommended last week?

Here’s a personal recommendation for my wonderful readers.

The Secret by Rhonda Brynes