I decided to have a Bible journal last year. At the time, I just wanted to study the Bible. Fast forward to late last year, I wanted more than just study God’s word. I wanted to talk to Him and writing is an outlet for me so I decided to make my Bible Journal what works for me.

As with my post on setting goals for 2019, I always try to make things and tune them to my fit. We are different and unique so what works for Peter doesn’t have to work for Paul. If your aim is to study God’s word and that’s what you want, then it’s fine. For me, my Bible Journal has my prayers, letters to God, questions concerning His word and lessons learned. It’s also my gratitude book. It’s everything in one.


I started this because my thoughts and spiritual growth were very scattered. I had not created a system that worked for me and even when I tried to copy other systems, I did not find out my core reasons so I could not stick to it. If my reason for starting my journal is because someone said I should. I will stop it once the person doesn’t say it again. This time, I truly wanted to study the word of God and talk to Him in my own way.

Since I didn’t find a journal that answers to my personalized goals. So I took a notebook and created what I want. It’s mostly freestyle but with time, I’ll create a hardcopy for you guys. For now, here is a printable pdf on the bible journal.

Starting the Bible journal was inspired by so many YouTube videos but mostly by God and wanting a closer and more intimate relationship with Him. I remember sitting in my church’s Journey Class and hearing the teacher talk about studying God’s word and just thinking. There should be a template for this.


Enough of all my plenty talk and let’s get into the gist. I study the Bible twice a day. At morning and at night. So far this year, it’s been great so I’m really excited for the rest of the year and my life. (Lol)

In the morning, I start by saying something I’m grateful for. I realize that it has really helped with my perspective when I get out of bed. We all know that sometimes if it’s not the dream that we had, it’s something from yesterday or the fact that we woke up on the wrong side that is causing us to be sad or feel down. I do this to consciously tell myself that there is a reason to smile and it could be something as simple as the sun.

I use the YouVersion Bible app and there’s always a verse every day. So I write down that verse and write a message to God concerning that verse.

I go on to write down the topic on my devotional and write the lessons I’m learning as I read.

On some days, I want to write a letter or a prayer and I do that. Some other days, I choose to say my prayers. After that it done, I talk to God and speak into my day and my life. (This is another post for another day)

I also have a prayers section. Prayers for myself and for others in my life fill up this space. A friend could be going through something and I write it down and pray to God about it.

At night, as I study the Bible I do the same things and at the end of my night, I write down 5 things I’m grateful for. This exercise puts the smallest and brightest smiles on my face.

My spiritual journey is unique to me and I hope this inspires you to look within and check for what you want yours to look like.

Do you have a Spiritual Journal of your own? What’s it like?

Do you want a hardcopy version of the Bible Journal?

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